Conde Nast Traveler Review

“50 Hot Tables – The World’s Most Exciting Restaurants – American Expats Anne and Peter Parles opened Straw Hat March 1997 only to see it squashed by Hurricane Georges the following year. Their response? They started over. This time the couple recruited chef Marc Alvarez, veteran of New York’s Aureole. When Straw Hat reopened in December, it had definitely gone top hat. Though the decor is fun – straw hats hang from chandeliers, and the bar has shell-filled sandboxes for diners to play with while they wait for tables – the menu is very serious. A full dinner can be made of appetizers alone: tuna tartar and smoked salmon with avocado, braised octopus on a bed of arugula, Anguillian crayfish spring roll with marinated seaweed salad. Entrees include prawns in red curry sauce with shitake mushrooms, bok choy and basmati rice steamed in a banana leaf and a crispy snapper and shrimp tempura with stir fried vegetables served on top of a bowl of Thai bouillon with udon noodles.”


Conde Nast Traveler
May 1999
Hot List – A Global Guide

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